Zoom in / Zoom out on Screen Share in Mobile Version

Hi @saghul ,

Pinch zoom in not working when user share the screen in android. Only screen moving is working.
It is working fine when i run the jitsi meet master android code but when i integrate the SDK ( ./android/scripts/release-sdk.sh /tmp/repo) in my application pinch zoom is not working.

Please let me know what i need to do.

Does our released version work? That is, 6.1.0.

Is there anything related Activity level??
When i run the jitsi meet master using react-native run-android, it works fine but when i generate the sdk using ./android/scripts/release-sdk.sh /tmp/repo ) this command and integrate that sdk in my application then pinch zoom in not working on screen share. when try to pinch zoom only screen move works.
Please help me out

Have you tried our sample apps? There might be something in your host app that is hijacking the pinching, I don’t know.