Zoom in / out on screenshare in web version?

Is there any way to zoom in on a screenshare in the web version of jitsi? If not, has there been discussion of adding this feature?

I believe this depends on the size of the application window you’re sharing. So, in essence, you would need to resize (zoom) from the application itself.

Yeah, I know I can do that… I’m looking for a zoom feature inside Jitsi. The way we work, we’re often sharing from a dual-monitor setup. We currently use Webex, which has a nice pan and zoom feature that allows the person on the receiving end to select what part of the screen they want to look at.

It seems that the Jitsi mobile app has this capability with pinch to zoom and drag to pan, but the web version does not have it. I can see there’s a zoomEnabled prop in jitsi-meet/Video.js at 2863b05f372fc23056119e2b8d6360f252887da6 · jitsi/jitsi-meet · GitHub but not in jitsi-meet/Video.js at master · jitsi/jitsi-meet · GitHub

So, I guess if nobody is going to add this feature, I have to do it myself…

It’d be a welcome addition to the project. I’m certain the community would appreciate that and the Team always welcomes useful additions and enhancements to the project. Be sure to raise it as a PR. :+1:t5:

This is available on mobile.

Yup. I said that above (second paragraph of my second post).

Ups, sorry :slight_smile: I need to take some more sleep.

Haha, don’t we all…