Zoom feature inside jisti?


I am switching from Zoom to jitsi :slight_smile:

I have installer jistsi server.

For performance issue, should i use centralized mode rather than Pear to pear mode ?

I am wondering a few questions about a few zoom feature that i don’t find on jitsi :

is it possible to have duplication room feature ? I means if we are 40 in a room, and then we need to work during 20 minutes inside several little group. can we split the central big room to several little room ? if not possible is there work arround ?

is it possible to update the picture in backgroup for a room?

Thanks you very much for your help.

See you.

P2P is enabled by default BUT for larger conferences it defaults to the Videobridge. If you want more conference you can install more videobridges for scale. Please search for “load balancing” in the forum

I dont think so…

if you’re talking about background picture, no, BUT you can blur the background (its in BETA)