Youtube streaming error - feed not coming through

Hey Jitsi (or anyone), here at Gitcoin we’re pretty hardcore lovers of open source software, so we try to use jitsi over google meet. As you can see here we’ve been trying to get into the habit of live streaming all our calls, using youtube’s livestream key and using this jitsi functionality.

Over the past 3 weeks however we’ve lost 90% of our livestreams though.
Jitsi’s (loud) lady says ‘Livestreaming is on’ BUT it does not show up on our youtube page.

If we check the API key on youtube’s side we see it hasn’t changed.
We had one or two that did make it through in the past week but today we missed two again.

Any idea on how to solve this?
We can do a refresh of the youtube livestreaming key but this is far from ideal, because everyone needs to get that new key AND no guarantee that this will hold. This is an issue that has existed for years (experienced it at my previous org as well) and we don’t know how to fix this. Can this be fixed on your side? Or what are we doing wrong?


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Is this on or on your self-deployed instance?

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This is on

Because of this issue we at some point self-deployed but it wasn’t stable enough so we reverted back to

Do you have concurrent streaming sessions using the same key?

Hey, no we don’t.

Another reason could be you have reused one streaming link and trying to see streaming on same link. This will usually happens if you stop streaming for say few minutes and try to stream again.

Hey, so we always reuse the same streaming link (as multiple people are using this, not at overlapping times), we do not reset everytime logically.

I’m not sure what you’re saying here.

Normally this doesn’t happen.