YouTube livestream recordings not saved


Lately I’ve been working on setting up Jitsi to livestream to YouTube during the recording. After some tests in local when everything was working good, on the first livestream in production the video of said livestream didn’t get saved on my YouTube account, even if the livestream went perfectly. On the YouTube side everything is working okay it seems, the settings are good and it should’ve worked. I asked them if there have been problems on uploading videos after livestreams, but apparently there are not, and they told me to ask the 3rd party library I was using (Jitsi in this case).

Can this problem be related to Jitsi then? Or is it simply YT that didn’t save the stream in my channel?

If it can provide more help, the website is using Laravel as a framework and I’ve been using the IFrame API. The Dropbox recordings I set up before were saved succesfully.


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If it’s being successfully streamed to YouTube, then the problem is most likely on YouTube’s side. Since the capture (recording) is done by YouTube, if there’s something wrong, it’s outside of Jitsi.