Youtube live stream by Jitsi

Dear all who had experience to use youtube live stream by Jitsi,
I tried to stream my meeting room just now. Unfortunately, when I inserted my stream key and log in my youtube channel, the system said that “all streamers are currently busy”

So, how to make sure that streamers aren’t busy at that time?
I highly appreciate your response :slight_smile:

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There is no way you to be sure. We have limited resources there and a problem which we are working on fixing.

There is an “easy” solution to this problem:
Making the config for youtube stream as easy as the jitsi meet installation.
I am running an own jitsi server but was unable to activate youtube streaming because the configuration is not well documented and changes (which I do not understand) had to be made in several config files. Why not publishing a script to make this easier?
Not one of the other public jitsi meet instances offers this feature. If the config would me much easier I guess this would then change.

Fully agree with you for example tomorrow I have to make youtube stream for a teacher and there is no way to make it fix - its very unstable and doesn’t work well even from meet jitsi public servers.

Lucky that OBS Studio exists!

You can use this installer script built by @Ark74 to do this for you


We need only to install and configure JIBRI do use a youtube stream in our own server?

yes. if you want only youtube, then all you need is jitsi+jibri

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