Youtube + Jitsi doesnt work

Hello everyone, there is a problem with connecting jitsi to youtube, when are you planning to fix it? Thanks


which website u are talking about?

Do you get this problem consistently or intermitently?

I tried your service only today and this error all day constantly. Not only i have this error, also other people write about it in github (attached screenshot)

Yes we’ve seen this, the problem is that when we test it it works fine, so we’re unable to repro. Can you give us some more information? Can you try again and, if it fails, provide the call name? Are you pasting a stream key in manually? Or using the google log in in the dialog?

Hi, i tried again and it failed. What is call name ? link ?
I tried both options: pasting a stream key in manually and using the google log in.

the link of your meeting, the one you were trying to stream on.

it was this link

Hm, I can’t find any stats for a call with this name in the last week or so. Was that a recent call? Can you try and repro again?

Yes, i am there. May be i need to register in this site ?

“Was that a recent call?”
Yes, i created this link just yesterday

Ok, well can you try and repro again? There were no logs for that call on on callstats.

yes, i can, when ?

Whenever, just post the call name here after you try it.

now it works, did you fix something?