Youtube autoplay not working on iOS in Iframe api

Has anyone else noticed that youtube autoplay stopped working in iOS when using jitsi meet via iframe api?

We noticed in our own deployment that youtube autoplay is not working via iframe api. We confirmed the same behaviour in as well as JaaS. This is in iOS 15.0 in both Chrome and Safari, we are also using prejoin page so user gesture happens before playing the video.

Did anything change in iOS 15 that would explain this?

It’s likely something changed in iOS 15 yeah. Does it work if you hit play?

No, it’s not actually possible to click play because pointer events are disabled (probably to disable all controls).

Hum the controls should only be hidden for others, not for the one sharing…

Oh yeah, when I say the autoplay doesn’t work, I mean for other users not for the one sharing. The one sharing in our use-case is usually not using iOS to view the site.

Got it now, thanks!

On one hand I completely understand this is out of Jitsi’s hand, on the other this breaks sharing youtube video on iOS and makes it unusable (even within JaaS).
Does anyone have any suggestion what course of action of take since this is quite an important feature for us?

I honestly don’t know.