You have been disconnected (Strophe 404 and XMPP connection dropped)

I had a working installation, but after some unattended upgrades, and moving from Debian 10 to Debian 11, it seems that Jitsi broke, since any attempt to start a room results in an error popping up, claiming that you have been disconnected and to check your internet connection. I then opened up the browser logs and saw the following errors:

log dump

The things that stood out to me were that POST https(colon)//meet(dot) returned a 404 error, however, curl-ing it from my machine results in a 200. Additionally strophe is claiming that there are 404 errors when trying to retrieve some scripts, all of which I can get when manually putting in the address, such as And then finally, the XMPP connection gets dropped, likely due to the previous 404 errors.

IMO purging all related packages and reinstalling is the fastest way if you don’t have heavy customization

it is to be expected. Not the unattended upgrades, but upgrading the distro itself while you have installed PPAs (Jitsi-meet and probably Prosody).
Before upgrading your distro, always remove all PPAs installed packages, as this kind of setup is never tested by the distro developers…

Ok, thank you for your inputs. I will take your advice and reinstall them.

Purging and reinstalling did not solve the issue. Is it possible that the install scripts might be broken somehow?

Which packages did you purge?
nginx, prosody, jicofo…?

Which script is this?

The most likely source of problems when upgrading distro with Jitsi-meet are the Prosody certificates, especially the difficult relationship with Java. Here is my script to get rid of Jitsi-meet:

apt purge jitsi-meet jitsi-meet-web jitsi-meet-web-config jitsi-meet-turnserver ca-certificates-java java-common openjdk* jitsi-videobridge2 jicofo coturn jitsi-meet-prosody prosody prosody-trunk certbot

the ca-certificates-java part really matters.

I also use the following command to purge the dependent packages

apt-get autoremove --purge