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trying Jitsi for the first time on a fresh Ubuntu LTS 18.04. Having a DNS record and it seems the certificate over Let´s Encrypt works. When I connect through the browser (, it works for about 20 seconds, then i get the message “You have been disconnected”. On a mobile he tries to connect (twisting all the time) and after a while I get the same message.

Tried to read the errors in my js file, but I can´t figure it out. Here is a screenshot as I can´t post to much links as new user:

I´m sure there is something wrong from my side, but I have no idea. If I try it locally, it´s the same.

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May be of limited use, but I had the exact same thing. I think I changed the hostname at one point and that change didn’t get cleaned out completely.

My fix was to reinstall, update and then follow line by line the Git instructions. Since I was behind a NAT firewall, I had to make to make 2 additions. I added the 2 harvester lines of inside and outside addresses and I also did a bit of a split brain DNS. I use a DNS forwarder on the firewall, and I created an exception for the FQDN of the meet server to point to the local address and not pass that on to get the external address.

What changes did you make to get nginx to listen on 4444? Have you changed any other ports?


Thanks, I will have a look at this. Well, the thing with the port was done by Jitsi itself. I wanted to change the port after the installation, because my Port 443 from the outside is already in use, but then I was surprised to find in the config file the port 4444. But I will also have a look into this, maybe I have to correct this somewhere manually.

How about your TCP port 80 and UDP 10000? What does your hostname, internal DNS and external DNS (assuming they’re different) resolve to?

Let’s encrypt wants to validate on port 80 based on the FQDN you give for the cert (assuming you care)


Hey there,

well, let´s encrypt finished without any problems. As far as I see I´m having this problem already internally. So it shouldn´t be a port forwarding problem. Will look over the configuration right now, was unplanned at the Vet, because someone wanted to poison one of my dogs :frowning_face:

Thank you so far, I will give a reply later.

I think I found it, as you assumed I had to edit the BOSH url too. At least I ask myself where the port 4444 came from, without any editing from myself.

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