Yocto (Install Jitsi meet)

How to install and run Jitsi meet on system based Yocto?
Yocto sistem has JVM 7.

Java 7 is not supported.

I am updating on Java 8. How install Jitsi meet?

I have zero experience with Yocto, and if it is not debian based, you only shot is to do a manual installation. There is such description, but in some cases it maybe incorrect and there are a lot of places where things can go wrong.
Why don’t you use a debian based VM and do a quick install of jitsi-meet, this is the quickest and safest way?

I’m understand. But I only have devices with Yocto and I can’t change that. Do you know who can successfully install Jitsi in Yoсto?
Can you give a link to the description of the installation manually, which you mentioned in the previous letter?

Thanks. I’ll try this way.
Is it possible to use an early version of Jitsi (like a SIP communicator) that supports Java 7 and is generally easier to deploy and run (without OSGi technology)?

SIP Communicator is the desktop client, we switched all server components to java 8 maybe 4 years ago … so I doubt that if you find a version that still support java7, that will work at all as many things changed during this period.

Hello Damencho!

Can you give me a link to the version of the SIP communicator written and built on Java 7? In my case, it is impossible to update Java to 8. The main thing is that the SIP protocol works. Thank.

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So this is the point of switching: https://github.com/jitsi/jitsi-videobridge/commit/8726b1e272cbb27314475ff8548fe6a09723bde1 this is jvb version 1005.
So looking at https://download.jitsi.org/stable/ you need to install jitsi-meet version 1.0.2467. Then you need to patch lib-jitsi-meet with few fixes about sdp and desktop sharing and cross your fingers :slight_smile:

Is there a jar-file under java-7?

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Nope … we don’t keep around versions other than the official debian repo. So you can download on some Ubuntu/Debian system the deb files and extract them, so you can take the jar files:

[DEB] jitsi-meet_1.0.2467-1_all.deb            2017-09-21 05:01  2.7K  
[DEB] jicofo_1.0-371-1_i386.deb                2017-09-21 05:01   25M  
[DEB] jicofo_1.0-371-1_amd64.deb               2017-09-21 05:01   25M  
[DEB] jitsi-videobridge_995-1_i386.deb         2017-09-21 05:01   29M  
[DEB] jitsi-videobridge_995-1_amd64.deb        2017-09-21 05:01   29M  
[DEB] jitsi-meet-web_1.0.2301-1_all.deb        2017-09-21 05:01  7.1M  
[DEB] jitsi-meet-web-config_1.0.2301-1_all.deb 2017-09-21 05:01   10K  
[DEB] jitsi-meet-tokens_1.0.2301-1_all.deb     2017-09-21 05:01   15K  
[DEB] jitsi-meet-prosody_1.0.2301-1_all.deb    2017-09-21 05:01  5.5K 

[DEB] jitsi-meet_1.0.2467-1_all.deb 2017-09-21 05:01 2.7K
That is this? 2.7K? This is no executive file.

I need only SIP-communicator (Java 7), for building jar-file. Please, give me link or complete file.


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Jitsi-meet is a meta package. I cannot give you a jar file, cause you need a lot of jar files:

root@damencho:/usr/share/jicofo/lib# ls -l | wc -l
root@damencho:/usr/share/jitsi-videobridge/lib# ls -l | wc -l

So you need around 200 jar files.
Just extract jitsi-videobridge and jicofo and get it yourself.

Hello Damian!

With what help can I start a sip connection based on these jar files? Platform based on OSGi technolodgi?

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