Yesterday's community call, did we see "Virtual backgrounds using BodyPix #5860" in acion?


I was wondering: during the videocall, the moderator had a virtual background overlay… Was this maybe a first result of an implementation like Gitlab request Virtual backgrounds using BodyPix #5860?

iLike. :smirk: I think it is a neat feature that deserves to make it into stable…

Cheers, Igor

Here’s another way to do it. This adds ‘special’ effects to your camera to add the background and much more :slight_smile:

When opened a virtual background from snapcam application, Jitsi can not find the camera device afterwards … How to make it available in jitsi???

I have the same issue selecting snap camera for Jitsi meet video call. Many of my friends use snap camera for video calls now, so it will be nice to have it with Jitsi meet. I have tried couple things which did not work. I started snap camera before Jitsi meet, tried opposite too. I have checked the setting of snap camera and turned the flip video preview off. Those did not work. I would appreciate if any one can help us.

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Same!! Following.