Yealink VC800 Integration

Hi All , i have yealink VC 800 Video conference an i’m trying to join existing meeting from this device i join but audio only No video , also i need to know how to add jitsi as VC Platform on my VC , can you help please ??

If that device supports SIP, the only way do it right now is to use jibri and its sipgw functionality. Setting it up, is not straight forward and there is not a ton of documentation:
this is for the UI part:
and this is for the jibri part:, after following the jibri instructions.

Were you able to achieve this? We are trying the same. @damencho - I saw a video of @saghul presenting at Kameliacon about calling video room systems. I saw that you have successfully integrated Lifesize. Do you have a detailed documentation on this now?

This would be very helpful in the current situation.


No we don’t and because of this covid thing and all the stuff we needed to deal with we froze that project for the moment. all the source and updates are there in jibri repo and pjsip fork … but that’s it…

Yes we are trying to find some documents but no lock, Please share some guide to add video system to jitsi conference room .

@damencho thank you for prompt reply ,

We try the same above guide but got stuck on to below command.

git clone -b jibri-XXX

Can you please help to get the jibri-XXX from my Jitsi server ?

Or where can we find the jibri version detail ?

Latest we work on was jibri-2.10-dev1 or jibri-2.9-dev2

Thank you … after adding jibri-2.10.dv1 the installation is done,

Now we have no idea how to make call to Video System from Room.

We try to dial. pjsua --config-file jibri.cfg but got PJSUA command not found.

Please help me on this.