XMPP moderator issue with the new prosody (0.12)

Hi all,
A new version of Prosody was released today version 0.12.
And after upgrading to this version the Jitsi moderator role is broken.
It seems the XMPP role upgrade mecanism of prosody have change or maybe some configuration change.

Does anyone else have already try this version of prosody ?



We are working on making sure all our plugins work with the new version. I suggest you downgrade until we finish this work.


That’s exactly what we’re doing.
Good luck and thanks for porting plugins code to this new prosody version.

We had a similar issue, prosody 0.12 not getting lua-unbound packages from ubuntu 18.04. But available on ubuntu 21.04 above.
Do you have any suggestions for a solution? until the latest fix release

Yes, downgrade to Prosody 0.11.4.

I have created a PR to jitsi-meet which creates a new version of the patch for muc_owner_all_kick support, which is needed for moderators to be able to remove each other.

I’m interested in what other behaviors anybody is seeing that aren’t expected?

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Actually if you’re going to downgrade it’s better to use 0.11.13 which was the last version of 0.11.

Is this the allowners module or?

@Damien_FETIS ^ :slight_smile: ?

Hi @damencho , we’re not using the allowners module.
So our issues with prosody 0.12 came from another part.
With prosody 0.12 even with a clean basic jitsi installation we’re not seeing the moderator granted message at meeting start.
And downgrading to prosody 0.11.13 solved our issues.

Hi @delta,
On Ubuntu 18.04 you can add lua-unbound like with :

apt install liblua5.2-dev libunbound-dev
luarocks install luaunbound

But it didn’t fix our issue.

You are using the default where jicofo grants owner the first one to join?

We were testing 0.12 and we didn’t see any issues …

What does unbound here have to do with the problem?

It has nothing to do with the problem, it is just an error reported by the prosodyctl command on Unbuntu 18 with this version of prosody.

The most relevant issue I see related to my moderator issue is in the Jicofo log :

> jicofo 2022-03-17 09:51:40.126 SEVERE: [19] ChatRoomRoleManager.grantOwner#46: Failed to grant owner status to la2wcxxzbaks8eaxh-dar_uo@ java.lang.RuntimeException: Failed to grant owner: 
<iq xmlns='jabber:client' to='focus@auth.' from='leftpathwaysfoundhalfway@conference.' id='2HH3T-17' type='error'>
 <error type='modify'><jid-malformed xmlns='urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:xmpp-stanzas'/>
 <text xmlns='urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:xmpp-stanzas'>Bare JID expected, got full JID</text>

It may be related to some error in my prosody installation (I’m using the official prosody repos :
https://packages.prosody.im/debian ).
I’ll try with a more recent Ubuntu version.

I dig a little bit on my previous error and I find the reason.

Their is a new check on prosody 0.12 in room_mt:handle_admin_query_set_command in prosody/plugins/muc/muc.lib.lua (prosody/muc.lib.lua at master · bjc/prosody · GitHub).

This modification adds a check on the JID format that reject the grantOwner mecanism.
After removing it from muc.lib.lua, moderation grant cames back in my Jitsi installation.
I don’t know why you don’t observe this on your tests.


Hum, this should be easily fixed in jicofo.


Prosody (0.12) does not install the module “auth_cyrus”,
Therefore, users cannot log in from ldap.
Helps downgrade to prosody (0.11) where “auth_cyrus” is present.

Or another method, since the instruction does not work.

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how to install specific version of prosody

Using the Prosody official repo you can install prosody-0.11

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Didn’t work too well when I used prosody-0.11 package, so I resorted to installing directly using published .deb file.