XMPP error condition":"service-unavailable","type":"wait"

I am attaching here the prosody_exporter logs, when I am trying to start a session getting this errorprosody_exporter.log (1.0 KB)

this product is integrated with but not part of Jitsi-meet. I have no certain idea of what is this prosody exporter. Do you have an idea yourself ? Or possibly the person who did the installation could be more well placed to support you ?

After enabling the FINE level logs and XMPP logs, I gather attached logs. Can you please check it once jicofo.log (53.2 KB)

your log confirms what I suspected.

FINE: REQUEST for //wad-1-dam-jicofo:8205/about/health?list_jvb=true on HttpChannelOverHttp@42040d15{s=HttpChannelState@4ac8f36{s=IDLE rs=BLOCKING os=OPEN is=IDLE awp=false se=false i=true al=0},r=1,c=false/false,a=IDLE,uri=//wad-1-dam-jicofo:8205/about/health?list_jvb=true,age=0}
GET //wad-1-dam-jicofo:8205/about/health?list_jvb=true HTTP/1.1
Host: wad-1-dam-jicofo:8205
User-Agent: Consul Health Check
Accept: text/plain, text/*, */*
Accept-Encoding: gzip
Connection: close

this parameter (list_jvb) has been removed. “Consul” is not part of Jitsi-meet, it’s an external tool. There may be other problems as well, I did not look further.You need a developer to look at your code to make the necessary adjustements.

Thanks for the quick response.

I am also looking into the issue. Attching here some more jicofo logs, when you have time, can you plz have a look.
Appreciate your help.jicofo_logs2.log (29.2 KB)

Sorry, I take on my personal time to help people struggling with open source software because open source software is helping me, I have no time to help people struggling with customized, proprietary stuff that I don’t use. That’s the domain of paid-work.