XMPP Calling

Is there a way to prevent XMPP users from calling each other when there is no SIP account? I think this might just be disabling Jingle although I do not know how to do that but preference would be no call buttons when using only XMPP and if there is a SIP account configured and XMPP that any call would use SIP instead of XMPP. Thanks!

I see now this is a simple checkbox at least to disable Jingle which will work. Is there an option to disable this from a provisioning server and if so can you also prevent a user from having access to that option using a provisioning server?

You can add CALLING_DISABLED=true to that account config properties.
You can also disable advance config by setting: net.java.sip.communicator.impl.gui.main.account.ADVANCED_CONFIG_DISABLED=true

Awesome I will it give it try. Thank you!