XMPP BOSH vs websockets

Quick installation sets up BOSH and WebSockets for XMPP in Nginx setting.

/http-bind and /xmpp-websocket

When client/jitsi-meet uses BOSH and when it uses xmpp-websocket?



This is not something that is set up by default. Using xmpp over websockets is still a manual process for enabling. It is something that can replace bosh, still not available for mobile (or not well tested).
In terms of when … well the alternative of using websockets for the webclients brings more performance to the shards when there are thousands of connections, as bosh is long polling and creates a new connection every minute, while for websockets you establish it once.

@damencho thanks for the swift reply.

  1. How to manually enable xmpp over websocket?
  2. From my local setup, I did not see XMPP over websocket is used by looking Chrome network console. But I saw XMPP is used in meet.jit.si although sometimes BOSH was also used.

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