[ Wrong recognition of audio input device ]

In some cases, conferences start using the wrong audio input device. It leads to an increased microphone gain and as the result the bad quality of sound inside the conference because of a lot of outside noise gathering

Steps to reproduce:
1 Connect AirPods to the MacBook and enter the conference.
2 Pack AirPods, conference switches to “Same as system” mac book.
3 Afterward, I reconnect them - at that moment it switches from “Same as system” to “MacBook Microphone”.
4 If I reload and reconnect the device is still “MacBook Microphone”.

Thank you in advance

Hum, not sure why we switch from the default choice. @jallamsetty do you know?

I don’t think thats the expected behavior. I can check what is going wrong there.


Hi Jaya!
Did you have any chance to check the problem?

@Alex_Soloviov, I wasn’t able to reproduce the issue with my macbook and AirPods. When I reconnect my AirPods, they automatically get selected. Did you have AirPods selected as the default audio input device in in your macOS system settings ?

This is what I see as soon as I reconnect my AirPods.

I saw a bug about audio device labels and languages recently. Any chance you are running on a language other than English?

I uploaded a video with reproduce on Google Drive. I hope it will help.

@Alex_Soloviov Thanks for the video, I see what is happening in your case. There seems to be a noticeable delay between the moment when the new device is detected and the moment it becomes the preferred device at the OS level. The browser only fires devicechange events (or we poll for new devices periodically if this event is not supported) and when the application detects the new device, if it is not the system default, the application doesn’t switch to it automatically.
There is no way for the webrtc applications to subscribe to changes to default devices and polling is the only way which would add unnecessary complexity for a corner case like this.
Your issue will be fixed if you can figure out why there is a delay. What macOS are you on ? I was testing on macOS 12.3.1

Thank you for your explanation!
The video was recorded on the same version as yours (macOS 12.3.1)

I don’t understand what the reason for the delay could be.
It happens from time to time with different users on different MacBooks.

If you have some advice on what I can check it would be great))

Sorry I haven’t been able to find anything on the discussion boards related to this delay at the OS level. Maybe this is device specific. Are you able to reproduce this AirPods pro ?