Would like to make custom edits to the main page

I’m sure this gets asked here all the time - I’m just confused why i’m not seeing anything… I’m relatively new to this stuff but my company wants to try out jitsi so i’ve been tasked with setting it up and removing a few things from the front page and adding some other stuff.

When I first took on the projects I just figured it would be as easy as changing some html around… which doesn’t seem to be the case and now i’m kind of in hot water for burning up a bunch of hours on the project trying to figure it out. Any direction would be great!

I read that you’re supposed to somehow create a custom fork or something of the github? then compile it? This stuff doesnt really make too much sense to me.

What kind of changes do you have in mind?

Thank you for your response saghul,

I mainly just want to remove or edit/change some of the text on the front page. Nothing too crazy.

In that case you do need to fork / modify the project and once ready compile it.

Do you have a guide to do that? Do you use Eclipse?

No, we have no detailed guide for it. All you need to do is run make which will build the production libraries. Them you can replace the ones on your server with those.