Working with video bridges behind NAT

Hi Team,
Firstly thanks for this lovely product.
I’m trying to set up a clustered setup of Jitsi in our private network. The only web server has public IP, where we have installed Nginx, as well as jicofo and prosody. There are multiple application servers that are behind a NAT. So whatever we try to do, we are only able to have a distributed setup, with 1 web, 1 app. But we’re failing when we try to have 1 web, and multiple app servers.

Even we have explored the possibility of marking the gateway of these app servers, to the public IP of the webserver, and then writing rules to do port forward. We are not sure, in which order should we port forward to the respective applications serves, where the jvb is installed.

We are just getting “<l._send>: Bridge Channel send: no opened channel” in the frontend.
We have also set the values of the below attributes in the*