Working with 2 videobridges same time

Hi guys, I am new to jitsi, I installed jitsimeet in aws and created seperate 2 videbridge2 instances. its working fine but, videobridges not working together, if one is up other one is not taking load…what i need to do…please help

i followed this url

Each videobridge needs a unique org.jitsi.videobridge.xmpp.user.shard.MUC_NICKNAME. Are they different?

no I create 2nd videobridge from 1st videobridge’s image…can I change nickname myself or install new videobridge in instance.

You can change it manually.

I changed the but still there is no change,only one server takes the load. Can u please tell how the load transfer between 2 videobridges.

Did you restart the services on both machines after the change?

yes i restarted in both videobridges and jitsi meet server

How many conference rooms are active at the same time?

In this configuration, each conference room is always in a given videobridge. If for whatever reason you only have one room, the load will not be split.

dont know how many rooms are going on, because using by clients