Working of meeting link before meeting time

I understood that the meeting link expires once the meeting is finished. However, it seems to work for a certain time before the meeting starts. We’ve tried it a day in advance and it worked. My question is, how long before a meeting does the link work?

Thank you

Hello @Kathrin1,

The meeting starts when the first participant joins the room and expires when the last participant leaves. This means that the meeting link is always working.

Let’s say you check a meeting link and then quit. You rejoin after 5 min. These are two seperate rooms with the same name.


Do the links exist in perpetuity or are they reused or become ‘dead’? The use case for us is that they may be created several days (or maybe a few weeks) in advance of a meeting date.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Meeting names (rooms, links) exist once created, but without anyone actually being in the meeting (room, using the link), then that ‘existence’ is somewhat amorphous - meaning ANYONE who can create a meeting can use the same meeting name. ‘Ownership’ of that name (meeting, room) is achieved by someone actually being in the room. After the last person leaves the meeting (room), that link becomes available to be re-used.

OK great. Thanks for the response! I think this works for us as the names are unlikely to be repurposed accidentally due to their construction. :slight_smile: