WordPress BuddyMeet Plugin (iFrame API) - setting server config details

I’m using the WP BuddyMeet plugin on a self-hosted jitsi server. https://wordpress.org/plugins/buddymeet/ Everything is working well overall. I’m using the shortcode deployment on Wordpress pages and post.

I have adjusted a few of my self-hosted server config settings with performance in mind, such as


And more importantly, setting maximum video resolution inside /etc/jitsi/meet/$(hostname -f)-config.js

But when using the buddymeet plugin shortcode, my server settings are not being followed. Seems as if they are overridden. Those settings are working when I launch a self-hosted meet outside of WordPress, but when using the WP plugin shortode, they are not. My main issue is that the video resolution is default to HD and is using up a ton of bandwith on my self-hosted servers.

The plugin says it follows all of the customization paramaters shown here https://jitsi.github.io/handbook/docs/dev-guide/dev-guide-iframe

But I’m not sure if/how to set the video quality. Curious if anyone if familar with the buddymeet plugin and how it uses the API.