WordPress auth problem with emails as username

Dear support,

I’m having an issue with the WordPress authentication module in prosody.

The authentication works when usernames are NOT email addresses (for example for user “admin”).
When the usernames are emails, it fails with error:
“not authorized user domain”

Visible in the XMPP package:

This is the Jicofo config:


My understanding is that when the WordPress username is an email, it’s interfering with the authorized domain in Jicofo…

Is this a bug?
Is it possible to disable the domain checking, or allow any domain?


Anyone can help with this bug?


I had this talk, last year:

Can’t see how this can be named a ‘Jitsi bug’, given that it’s an Internet standard that prohibits the use of @ in a JID.

Hello @imasc,
Thank you, that thread helped me to get to the point I am :slight_smile:
But there’s no conclusion there, did you get to a working configuration using emails as usernames?


Hello @gpatel-fr,
I asked for help as I’m not sure what’s the problem.
Jitsi works with emails as username, it doesn’t seem to be prohibited, no?


Does it ?
sudo prosodyctl register big@mydomain.com
The given username is invalid in a Jabber ID

Got stuck in other things, I am using jitsi without auth.

I took a look at module source, it seems that it’s escaping the forbidden codes so it should work. If it does not, it’s either a bug in the prosody module or it’s a bad setup and the problem is unrelated…

The setup is correct and the WordPress usernames that are not using the email format are working well.
I suspect a bug because Jicofo checks for the authorized domain, but I don’t have the knowledge to check the source code.


what’s in the prosody log ?