With Peer to peer calls, Audio and video tracks are not working

In the meeting room, let’s assume there are two users A and B. User A can hear User B but user B can’t hear user A. Also user A’s bandwidth almost zero but when user A share his screen or change audio devices or third user joins the meeting then everything works fine. All functionality will work as expected and user A bandwidth will also increase.
Note: we are using self hosted instance.

@jallamsetty @saghul
can you please help to resolve this issue?

Looks like a P2P issue. Can you try after disabling P2P?

Is there any participant who is in the same network with Jitsi server?

Please, don’t tag people arbitrarily in your requests for help, if they’re not already helping with the issue at hand. You can always bump your post if you think it needs fresh visibility.

Hi @emrah. We frequently have a similar issue on meet.jit.si. So, by setting P2P.enabled=false, then two users are going through JVB instead - is that correct? And can be sent via url parm #config.p2p.enabled=false, right?