Witch is better debian or ubuntu

Witch is better Debian or ubuntu?
Also, you cant use Cloudflare on this can you ?

We commonly use Debian10 fot Jitsi, because it’s stability but it doesn’t mean that ubuntu is not a good choice.

We can offer you complete managed solution to run Jitsi with both horizontal & vertical scaling at most affordable cost.

Very awesome! Im getting my hosting company to install it for me thats why Im asking all these questions.
My only main concern is security that’s why I asked about cloudflare but I doubt the free version would do the ports it needs?

Just a moment ago I was testing the free demo of jiti-meet and straight away I got kicked and my room was passworded so i couldn’t get back in so it really needs a control panel as such to stop this like i said before a whitelist but I think no one is listening to the out cries for security on rooms?

I hope the room owner only has the controls on the room and no one else and that was just the demo being messed with.

There is so much more room for improvement without recoding the whole client like a simple white list and bans and so on.

I hope people are working on it because there are so many trollers messing up people’s rooms so i’m reading.

I’m still a noob so forgive me if i’m missing something.