Wishlist - A couple of small items, por favor?

I know a completely new UI is in the works, so perhaps at least one of these two items may already be addressed. But just in case, here’s what I’m wishing for:

  1. A way to still be able to view connection stats when hovering over a participant’s thumbnail without the color-coded connection indicator. The indicator is really pretty (and quite useful), but for some weird reason, I find it distracting (when it auto-shows during changing network conditions). I especially don’t like that it’s captured in recordings. I’d like an option to disable the indicator but not the details (it’s currently possible to hide the details, but not the indicator).
  2. A near-static position for the “Hang up” button. I’ve done this several times and so have many users in our deployment - after clicking to open the participant pane, unconsciously clicking in the same spot triggers the “Hang up” button instead (because the toolbar moves to accommodate the participant pane).

Perhaps the Jitsi gods will look favorably upon my humble asks…? :innocent: