Wireshark analysis of API communication

I captured the communication with Jitsi Meet using Wireshark. Even though I have access to the unencrypted traffic, there are still encrypted packages that I cannot read.
Is there some way to better analyze the network communication in Jitsi Meet?

I looked for HTTP packets between this computer ( and a server that is also a host ( during the call. The whole traffic is encrypted. The server is in development mode using alpha.jitsi.net.

This is much to celebrate! :grin:

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I don’t understand. The Wireshark decrypted HTTPS. Does the application also encrypt data?

Enter a meeting, open the developer js console and execute APP.conference.saveLogs()

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Thank you! Can I also track my sendEndpointText messages?

As I understand it, the application encrypts the data using E2E. Can I manually decrypt the traffic to see the content of packets?


This is for the media, not for signalling.

I didn’t figure out how exactly though. I tried to send multiple messages and then save the logs. I received messages but I didn’t find their content in the meetlog.json file.

I looked in the APP.connection.getLogs().metadata.xmpp after sending the messages on both sides and it seems like it’s not stored there since nothing was inserted there. Am I missing something?


O yes … Sorry, does goes through the websocket connection to the bridge and don’t go in those logs …
You can open dev console, network tab - before entering a conference and the you can see the websockets established and there is a messages tab when you click a websocket connection and you can check them there

@damencho thank you for the solution. Although, I am still curious about encryption. As you mentioned, E2EE is used only for the media (video and audio). But what about the signaling (XMPP and API calls such as endpointTextMessage)? is that also encrypted? if so, where are the keys stored?

Everything goes over https handled between the browser and the webserver.

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The messages to the bridge goes over wss encrypted websocket connection.

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