Windows - suggestion of solution for filenames to allow Dropbox local syncing

Hello / Olá
Today is my first day with Jitsi, promising. In what regards Dropbox, I’ve been using it for more than a decade now. I use a Windows PC.
I didn’t see the recording on my dropbox PC folder and I think Windows doesnt “accept” the colon “:” in the hours. I removed it on Dropbox cloud filename and immediately the file showed up on my Dropbox PC folder.
Question/request/suggestion: can developers consider removing the colon from filename format? (in case it doesn’t affect further use of the files…)
OR can (in the future) the simple user be allowed to choose some settings the way the files are named? For example, creating an option “save filename compatible with Windows”.
Thank You!
Manuel, from Portugal (mainly)


I reported this a few days ago :

Should be fixed now - thanks !

Thanks, MagicFab, for forwarding the “bug” to whoever is appropriate. But I tried it yesterday may 28th, making a call that recorded to Dropbox, and the filename inside dropbox still has “:” for time divider, so it seems the same problem to me. I know how to turn it around file by file, but it still doesn’t download/sync to the windows folder without my intervention (removing “:”).
Could it be that for any other (useful) purpose the developers want to keep the “:” time divider?
Thanks, Manuel

It seems the fix is not yet available through regular updates. Check the issue report, I asked about this just now :