Windows 10: open documents not listed under “Application window”

I am using Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge Canary (v84.0.*) to connect to Jitsi Meet. When I select Screen Share, it shows 3 tabs - “Your entire screen”, “Application window” and “Microsoft Edge tab”. But the Application window is not listing any of the opened documents - PDF, Word, Textpad etc, even when they are maximised. When I try the same in Windows 8, all open documents get listed in Application window. They show up when a document is maximised and disappear from list when that document is minimised. Works fine on Windows 8.
Please let me know what might be the reason for this issue in Windows 10. Appreciate your help.

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This is most probably related to the security model in Windows 10. Perhaps there is a permission at the OS level for this ?

Thanks for your reply. Yes, I too assume so but am just not able to figure out where.
I should mention that we see “rtls5wake” in the list under “Application window”, no other application.
Any suggestions to fix this is highly appreciated, I have spent more than 12 hours already on this.

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Have you tried another web browser, like firefox or chrome? Perhaps windows edge is not fully working with Jitsi, it happens in Mac with safari. I can say that Firefox or Chrome with windows 10 works fine and you can share what you want.

Yes, it works with Chrome but the trouble is that I need Edge because we have a Windows application that uses WebView built on Chromium. The SefSharp WebView, that is built on Chrome, does not support Screen Sharing. So we are stuck with trying to fix this using Edge. The reason I feel it is a Permissions issue is that it works in one laptop that is on Windows 10 but not in another laptop.

Sorry mate, my skills are not high, I can’t help you more with this. I wish you good luck!

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No issues, thanks for your time and the effort to help out.

The issue seems to be with both Chrome and Edge because it works fine when I use Firefox. I noticed that the way Firefox asks for the screen to share is quite different from that of Chrome and Edge. Firefox uses a traditional dropdown box to list all open windows/documents and lets us choose one to share. Wonder if that implementation is not correctly done in Edge and Chrome ?

I could finally get it to work. There was this “rtls5wake” that was the only item listed under “Application window” for sharing and it was probably causing this issue. Using AutoRuns tools from Microsoft docs, I disabled it from Startup, restarted my laptop and then I could see other open windows in the list to share. Hope this helps someone facing a similar issue.

Thanks for sharing this - what was it ? I couldn’t find anything else than malware alerts when searching online.

The opinion on what it is, is mixed as I could see. Some say it is a Realtek Wireless LAN Utility while others say that mischief mongers hide malware inside that exe. Interestingly, I could not come across any official statement from Realtek clearing the air.
Anyway, there is no issue at all with my laptop’s functioning after disabling it.

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