Windows 10, Docker, Jitsi, and Foundryvtt

I have installed Docker Desktop for windows. I have used the Jitsi docker guide and have successfully installed Jitsi via docker. I use IIS as my redirect, and I can get to the website and via the website it works great I am trying to integrate it with Foundryvtt. I have the module, and have the custom settings pointing to my jitsi page. However through foundryvtt I get no a/v, and I am not sure where to look for error logs. It seems like Foundry is not making a room. I have tried to disable the welcome/landing pages to where if you go to it just auto makes a room, but even that doesn’t work with Foundry. I feel like the passing of permissions to Foundry isn’t happening, I just do not know what flag to give where. Any help would be swell. Thank you!