Will the meet.jit.si support 25+ users for 1.5 hours with stability?

I need to have a team meeting for a charity group that is distributed across a country. The meeting is important, and we really need to have a clear call.

I do have gigabit internet, but I don’t have the technical know-how to setup my own instance quickly, particulary troubleshooting.

Is Jitsi a good choice for our group?

What does 25+ means? Does it mean 25 or 50? Going above 35-40 is not recommended, we are currently working on improving that to have even larger conferences.
Mind that currently if you have one or more Firefox users in such a meeting, that can significantly reduce the quality and overall experience of all, this is also something we are currently working on to improve.
So, having a meeting with 25-30 chrome participants should be fine.

In this case 25+ means around 30 (currently 20 are registered, but it’s a few weeks away and I’m expecting a couple more to register).

I don’t think I’ll be able to execute control over browser choice for that many people, so it looks like we’ll have to search for another option.

Thanks kindly for the cool application, I look forward to using it someday.