Will chrome autoplay policy change effect lib-jitsi-meet audio


We are building an app that uses lib-jitsi-meet and have our own implementation of a UI for it.

We have elements and attach tracks with track.attach().

Does anyone know if that will be effected by the autoplay policy, i.e., a user joins a call and the incoming audio tracks are paused by chrome.


We haven’t seen problems with that with jitsi-meet. The only problem, I think, is sometimes some sounds we play on user joining are not played, but we haven’t seen any problems with webrtc.


Thanks @damencho. I did some testing with by setting chrome://flags/#autoplay-policy ‘document user activation is required’ and running our app. The webrtc portion worked as expected (audio and video played w/ user interaction).

Our ringtone (not part of jitsi) did not work though and I think will be affected.

Again, thanks for the response :slight_smile:


There are some discussions around that in the chrome issue, people were insisting to turn it off for pages which are already doing capturing/webrtc, which is allowed by the user … but we will see.