Why the microphone and camera don't operate with jisti?

Why the microphone and camera don’t operate with jisti ?

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You need to provide more information in order for us to help you. Are you having this issue on meet.jit.si or on your own Jitsi installation? Is this on a browser or on the desktop or mobile app? If browser, which browser? And have you tried other browsers? We need more information from you.

Je ne sais pas me connecter au lien que l’on m’a envoyé et il me mets que j’ai un souci de connection avec la caméra

First of all, I would like to thank you for replying me. I usually use Chrome Google as a browser on desktop When I login the Newton’s educational platform which needs jitsi to use live video, but When I login I can’t operate the microphon as well as the camera. While I login through the mobile I don’t face any problem

J’ai eu le même problème

Is the platform using the public instance of Jitsi at meet.jit.si or do they host their own Jitsi? Also, have you tried another browser other than Chrome? If you’re able to connect without any problems whatsoever on your mobile device, it suggests the problem could be on the computer you’re using (possibly the browser specifically). You likely have settings restricting access to your mic and camera.