Why the audio is not starting with earpiece as default audio output during audio call in jitsi meet android sdk

its very bad to start someone’s audio call on speaker directly the very first time user picks a call, even after setting audioonly in jisti conference options i am not finding any solution to it.is there any way to workaround it?

I think this is not related in jitsi, the browser issue…

no, the problem is occuring in jitsi android sdk

how can i edit the AudioModule File in adroid studio??

You have any solutions?

Maybe I Have the solution

You can show code where you edit for issue? Please help me!

For that you need the compiled version of Jitsi Meet Sdk , I have done using compiled code

I edited one of the classes , I cant remember the name , If you need it immediately I could see it!

Yes, I need it.I have tried for 3 days but fail. Please help me. Thanks you very much

Maybe tomorrow I may try to give you an idea of what could be done

@Lavia_Kaswan could you please share your solution?