Why so many video streams


Hi here,

If we are 4 participants in a conference, the jitsi-videobridge is using 16 video streams, with 25 participants 625 and with 50 2500. Logic if all participant stream each other.

But it’s the case too if all participants have muted their videos, why ?

It’s really a problem for me because 50 participants with 2500 video streams drain all ressources of a server.

For my setup I just need one video stream by conference, (teacher to students), so a conference with 50 student just need 50 streams and not 2500. Do you now a way to do that ?

Thanks for answers.



you can ovreride config.channelLastN to 1 at student’s side so the student can only see 1 the teacher and teacher can see everyone so 50 student 50 streams and teacher see 50 stream so total 100 streams

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Thank you so much it’s working perfectly ! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: