Why resolution not down to 180p

Hi all,
I set up the Jitsi in my own server with very pool bandwidth(150Mbps) .When I hosted a conference with 40 participants(16 in video) yesterday,I noticed some participants’ resolution of video were 360p,but the packet loss rates of them were very high(about 26%),and the frame rates were low(about 17).And I could hardly hear what others were saying.
What I wonder is,why resolution did not down to 180p,so we could get lower packet loss rate and better experience.

Was the packet loss on your side (downlink) or their side (uplink)?

It looked like this

I don’t know which side this is.

That’s the downlink. You are downloading very little data too. What do you see for each participant, if you hoveer on their signal icon?

Their downlink packet loss were about 26%

That suggests the server might be struggling.

Yes,I think so too.

What I wonder is,when the server was so struggling,why resolution not down to 180p?

Not sure, but it soulwn’t help with that much packet loss.