Why people are laughing t Jitsi and calling it worthless

I thought I would mention this although I understand if anyone cared or actually used jitsi the would know this already. But just in case. No one can chat with visitors that come to meet.jit.si because rape blocks are programmed to come up covering the chat. By the time you make them all go away it is too late.

Obviously coded by a disgruntled programmer sabotaging the software.

This has been there so long it makes you wonder if there are any programmers here that care.

Obviously not.

One of the rape blocks is notifying you you have a visitor, so there is no possibility of actually being able to type to anyone that comes.

I’m not seeing anything of the sort on meet.jit.si. Can you please share the link you are using were you are seeing something unusual?

We use meet for developing meet every single day. Coming into a community out of the blue and claiming we don’t care is not really a good start.

If your camera or microphone do not work, that’s when you need the chat the most.
It is the only way to tell the guest you are there.
And, there is not way to make them go away! hence the term “Rape Blocks”

Well, maybe you should have been clearer and use more appropriate terminology.

As for the notifications, which is what they are, you can click on the down arroow and dismiss them.

Nope. More pop up. You should try using you own software some time.

Click on the down arrow, then OK. For each permission requested. Yes, it’s not ideal but it’s an unfortunate limitation of the UI framework (AtlasKit) we currently use. We have plans to migrate away from it, but it’s a big change and it won’t happen overnight.

element.style {

.iaPCCd {
color: rgb(32, 43, 61);
font-weight: 600;
text-overflow: ellipsis;
white-space: nowrap;
flex: 1 1 0%;
overflow: hidden;

Remove overflow hidden and a close X should appear.
Stop making errors unnecessarily long and no overflow will be required.
replace flex 1 1 with some spacing from the lower left since you are using that location for something else?
Choose a different location for the chat?
This is open source and all these things are in your control.
Less than 10 bytes of code change can fix this.

Your cheep shit blaming of AtlasKit is disgusting. It is not there fault you do not know how to code.