Why jitsi meet server need to restart after some time regularlay?

I have configured jitsi meet server on DigitalOcean with ubuntu18.4 OS 1GB RAM and 1 cpu.

In my organization we need only 10-15 users can participate in conference simultaneously.
But I have tested with more then 20 users on server , It working fine.

some times It happens , when 2ed participant joins the meeting the first 1st participant is disconnected from meeting and when the 1st participant try to join meeting , 2ed participant is disconnected…
can you please tell me whats happend at that time in server…??

Thanks in advance.

This might not be enough. Some of the java processes involved are configured to take up to 3GB by default. Try a bigger machine.

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Can u suggest me minimum server configuration for 15-20 users use simultaneously…?

jicofo will take up to 3GB as defined by /usr/share/jicofo/jicofo.sh.

jitsi-videobridge2 will take up to 3GB, as defined by /usr/share/jitsi-videobridge/jvb.sh.

This is why 8GB is usually recommended, but you might want to change those defaults to lower values. If you do that and continue with Digital Ocean, I would try the 2GB machine first and see what happens, then the 3GB machine if the 2GB one does not work well enough. I believe you can still do with only one CPU.

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Add a swap file too

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