Why Jitsi dont work on phone browser?


I tried going to https://meet.jit.si/ on my phone, but it just directs me to an app.

Why cant I use it directly in the phone browser instead of downloading an app?


The UI isn’t very good and isn’t supported on mobile. Devs say there’s extra optimisations in mobile apps that they can do too.

You can use it by enabling “desktop mode” or disable it in your own self hosted instance.

I think the design needs a refresh and to be mobile first, but that’s my 0.2

Thanks so much for the response, how do i enable the “desktop” mode, or disable it in my instance?

Sorry im pretty new i just downloaded it on my server yesterday.


This will be of help:

About “desktop mode”, I meant that’s something you can enable in your own mobile browser. It won’t automatically happen