Why jitsi dont use MCU rather than SFU for working

As we all know, jitsi is using only SFU for its video conferencing. But MCU is more efficient and uses less bandwidth. Why can’t jitsi try to use MCU for a high number of participant video conferences?

I think you need to research more on the difference between SFU and MCU. If you think MCU is more efficient, then you really don’t understand those concepts.

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Regardless of the number of participants in the call, the MCU makes sure that each participant gets only one set of video and audio. This means the participants’ computers don’t have to do nearly as much work. The tradeoff is that the MCU is now doing that same work. So, as your calls and applications grow, you will need bigger servers in an MCU-based architecture than an SFU-based architecture. But, your participants can access the streams reliably and you won’t bog down their devices.

Anyone interested in learning about MCU and SFU, this is a good brief video tutorial - SFUs and MCUs (WebRTC Tips from WebRTC.ventures) - YouTube