Why Jitsi Client Broadcast its Stats to All Participants


When we do large room load testing on our setup, we realize that there are lots off broadcast Stats messages go through JVB Websocket like…


I understand that this data needs for SFU to work at backend side. But why we send this data to all participant?

Or can I make this message Client-To-Server message?? Or do you plan to do that to make optimization for large rooms?

Thank you.

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These are the stats when you hover over the gsm bar.

You want to test latest unstable as there were optimisations in various places when doing big calls.

Thank you for answer :slight_smile:

Does these stats are only works for monitoring data when hover gsm bar?

Does jvb use these stats for bandwidth allocation?

If jvb not use these stats, I will cancel these stats because at our custom client we do not show these stats when hovering :slight_smile:

I got the answer thank you