Why is jigasi transcription subtitle only showing in moderator?

Hello, I activated the transcript with google speech to text on jitsi. But the transcript subtitle is only displayed on the screen of the room owner logged in with the jwt token. I want it to show on guest screens as well. How can I do this?

The rest need to activate it if they want to see it. They can do that after moderator turns it on.

When I look at the guest’s interface, I don’t see a button to enable subtitle. What exactly should the button be, and should I also make this button visible on the server?

You don’t see it after the moderator has enabled the captions in the meeting?
Is that button enabled in the list of buttons?

I edited the .env file as you said, but still the subtitle button is not visible for the guests. It is only visible to the owner of the room logged in with the jwt toke. Unfortunately, this button does not appear for guest users who are not logged in.
yes, the button does not appear in the guest user interface even after the room owner has started the transcript
Ekran Resmi 2022-11-04 18.10.57
Ekran Resmi 2022-11-04 18.11.11

Hum, isn’t that button suppose to be in the … dots menu?
Are you running a modified version of the client?

Just tested with latest stable and it works as expected. Which version are you using?

This is what happened when I changed the .env file, normally it was in 3 dots settings.my jitsi version: docker-jitsi-meet-stable-7648-4

Do you reproduce with the latest?

how can I do that😅

Sorry, I’m not familiar with docker to help you with that, but you should be able to easily switch to the latest stable docker version.

thank you for all your help​:partying_face::star_struck: