Why I can hear sounds from my micro from my local track?

I’ve created room and join to the room from three different browser tabs. Then, I mute local audio tracks from two of three tabs and on the remaining tab I can still hear sounds from my microphone. Despite the fact that on event JitsiMeetJS.events.conference.TRACK_ADDED I have next code fragment
if (track.isLocal()) return;

It seems like sounds from tracks plays in anyway, even if I not attach it to the container. I can’t check it because I don’t know how to debug streams.

Can the video track also play sounds?

What are you trying to accomplish, exactly?

As per my understanding, when three tabs are opened and all of them are in same session, even if you mute two user2 & user3, user1’s mic is still on and the audio OUTPUT device for all three of them is same. So the other two users are getting your audio stream and that’s what possibly you are hearing.

Please check it on different systems to see what exactly is happening.

One more thing you can check is when you create local tracks, are you attaching the audio to the container?