Why host jitsi on a server?

I have searched on ddg and Google “Why set up your own Jitsi server” as well as browsed Jitsi home page. I also started to read developer installation guide.

I just want to know, what is the benefit of setting up ones own server as opposed to using just https://meet.jit.si/? Why would one set up their own?

Actually, anybody can have their own reasons, and you can have plenty of them. Here I will give some of the reason:

  • You care about privacy (you own your data from start to end, nothing shared with third parties like amplitude, …)
  • You care about privacy and want to be sure access is private to only authorized persons, for example, that a former employee will not be able to access meetings even with the link of the meeting
  • You may want to record your videos somewhere else than Dropbox only (Jibri)
  • You may want to have some automatisms
  • You may want to improve your knowledge in server administration (yes, learning is also a good reason)
  • You have a strong branding policy, and don’t want to include the jit.si logo on the top left corner

I let people add more reasons, but you may have plenty of them.


I’ll lob in a few more reasons:

  • Regulatory or compliance constraints where you data has to be routed/store on servers that you own or be within certain jurisdiction
  • Integration with your own authentication mechanism so you can authenticate user identity and control roles (e.g. who has moderator access)
  • If you need to make customisations to configs that are not whitelisted
  • If you need to a custom UI or integrate Jitsi with your application at a lower level (i.e. not just iFrame).

https://meet.jit.si/ is a fantastic offering, but as @gahfy gahfy pointed out, there are may reasons why one need to a custom deployment of Jitsi. Although one should also consider https://jaas.8x8.vc run by the same awesome folk which allows you to still use a hosted solution but offering you a lot of control and integration options.


This makes sense, thanks a lot for the info