Why GUI display "Recording Start" notification 30 seconds later than both 2 participants join the call

Hi All,

I am new here. We are facing a strange issue now. We setup a working Jisti-meet for call center to support agent invites customer to join video call. Also we have Jibri to get video call recording. We find that there is around 30 seconds latency the GUI to show “Recording Start” notification after both agent and customer join the call.

Is there any idea why it happen or how to fix it? Or it is just the expected behavior for Jisti-meet?

Thank you very much for all your ideas.


How are you starting the recording?

Our developer set a logic, once detect agent enter the call, the logic will trigger Jibri start recording.

We are trying to use jibri_autostart to check if it can solve this issue.

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Do you see Jibri joining the call 30s later or immediately but the notification comes later?

Hi @saghul , we see the notification comes later and also the recording file losts the beginning of the meeting.

Please share the Jibri logs.

Hi @saghul , Jibri log as attached.
jibri-start-recording-log.txt (16.3 KB)

This time we can see there are around 17 seconds gap between Jibri run and join the call.

Jibri 2022-09-27 01:19:14.172 INFO: [611] AbstractPageObject.visit#38: Waited 2.71s for driver to load page

Jibri 2022-09-27 01:19:17.244 INFO: [611] AbstractPageObject.visit#38: Waited 3.04s for driver to load page

Jibri 2022-09-27 01:19:28.984 INFO: [611] CallPage.visit#71: Waited 11.7s to join the conference

We setup Jisit-meet and Jibri in seperate VM but still in the same LAN.

  • Do you have the same gap for the second recording attempt too?
    Without restarting Jibri sevice…

  • Does Jibri connect to Jitsi through the public Internet IP?
    What is the resolved IP on Jibri while pinging Jitsi’s FQDN?

Hi Emrah,

1, We will test and share the result later.
2, No, Jibri connects to Jitsi through local IP address, Jibri and Jitsi stay in the same network.


What are the resources where jibri runs? Number of cores and RAM?

Jibri hosts on a VM with 16 vCPU and 16 GB RAM. Physical CPU is Intel Xeon Gold 5118 @ 2.30 GHz.

@damencho Do you reckon this would be improved with a “warmup” script?

I don’t think so. So loading welcome page, editing local storage and then opening the meeting page takes 14 secs … And 11 is for the second one where chrome is already running … There is some device or something slowing it down … Don’t we have client logs/browser logs with TIME that can give a hint what is slow …

By default the /home/jibri folder belongs to root and I didn’t find any tips in docs about changing its ownership. Therefore Chrome may try to create local folders each times.