Why does the config files (.jitsi-meet-cfg) in "/root" in Linux doesn't change when I restart (docker-compose up -d ) the server?

Hello, first of all I should probably say that I am connecting to the jitsi server from cloud. There are many accounts andd I am one of them.
So I cloned the jitsi-meet server and I created the config files and then I started to server. Then I wanted to implement token authentication thus I changed the .env file and deleted the config files and mkdir them again. After starting the server again, I saw that authentication was still not enabled. Then I went to “~” folder and opened .jitsi-meet-cfg folder. It was empty. Thus the configuration files are not accessed from here.
Then I looked for any other “.jitsi-meet-cfg” folders in my computer by:

sudo find -name .jitsi-meet-cfg

Then I saw that, there was one in “/root/snap/docker/471” ddirectory. But when I tried to go in to that dir, I was not able to. I did not have the permission to. Thus I did this:

sudo cat /root/snap/docker/471/.jitsi-meet-cfg/prosody/config/conf.d/jitsi-meet.cfg.lua

When I looked inside thhis file I saw that the configuration file did not have the authentication changes in it. Thus the server is taking this as the conf file.
My first question is why? Why did this happen? How can the folder in “~” can be empty but the files in “/root” are counted?

And second of all, to make this go away I tried to change the path of CONFIG in .env file. And when I changed the path and started the server. I went to that path and saw that the config files were created and they had the authentication enable options! Thus I thoguht, yes this time it worked. However, when I went to the browser and wrote down the ip and the port, I got the

Page is not accesible error.


And lastly, I tried to change the path of CONFIG in my own machine (not from cloud, I clonedd the server in my own machine to try it) then it worked. The config files were created and the browser opened. But when I am connected from the cloud this does not work