Why does remote control need jitsi electronic app, can't jitsi meet?

Although this question will expose my ignorance, I really want to know the reason and hope to get a reply.

There is no way for the browser to control the mouse. While electron as a desktop app can do that with a help of native plugins.

I can understand that electron provides the ability to control the desktop and then use webrtc for transmission. Is that right? Thank you for your reply

While the answer from @damencho is of course totally correct, it should be noted that the remote control capability of electron client is currently (2.3.1) disabled for security reasons.

OK, I see the disabled information, but is there a plan to fix the security vulnerability and enable remote control?

no idea. To be candid I think that supporting remote control was a bad idea to begin with :wink:

I may have different ideas from you. I think remote control is very good :grinning: