Why does meet.jit.si use the nightly build of prosody?

Hello Jitsi team and happy new year,

I am wondering why do your production servers https://meet.jit.si use the nightly build of prosody 747 (2017-02-19, 428d4abee723) instead of the latest stable one ? I believe that - from a security perspective - it is always recommended to use the latest stable version. Is there any compatibility issue with Prosody 0.11.3 ?


We are already using 0.11 for some other parts, but we haven’t migrated the main conferencing part to latest stable, as we need time for testing all features as we have a couple of custom modules. And till now we still cannot find time and resources of doing that.
Maybe after releasing and pushing jvb2 into production we will prioritize this task.

So there is no compatibility issue.
I installed the latest stable version of Prosody but I have many errors because of Lua5.2. Maybe it’s related to my environment… I will keep digging.

Thanks for the quick answer anyway.

@hkhait please report if you see any issues with running prosody 0.11. Thanks.

I’ve just solved dependecies’ issues on my servers, thanks to you comment. I think it should be added to the documentation.
I will keep testing and let you know by the end of the week.

Hello @damencho

Prosody 0.11 works pretty well with the latest stable version of Jitsi Meet.
The only tricky thing is that we have to install luarocks modules with the command luarocks-5.2 install package_name It will be very useful to add it to the documentation

Thanks for the report!