Why does Jitsi streaming to Youtube quits after about about hour?

After about a hour or so Jitsi stops streaming to Youtube and I have to scramble to reentry the streaming key in time or Youtube finishes or closes video presentation prematurely. Please help me?

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To ansiwer your question succinctly, there’s a time limit on streaming on meet.jit.si. Check out this response to the same question: Problem with the live stream betwen Jitsi and Youtube

As suggested, you can either run your own server or subscribe to the incredibly cheap 8x8 solution (currently just 99cents a month as I’m typing this). Absolutely impossible to beat this deal!

P.S: No, I don’t work for Jitsi or 8x8, but I’m an incredible bargain hunter and I know an unbeatable deal when I see one. :joy: